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Time for Thinkers Book Club

“The time for thinkers has come.”

- Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures , page vii:13


"A genuine Christian Scientist loves Protestant and Catholic, D.D. and M.D., — loves all who love God, good; and he loves his enemies. It will be found that, instead of opposing, such an individual subserves the interests of both medical faculty and Christianity, and they thrive together, learning that Mind-power is good will towards men." - Eddy, Miscellany, page 4:14-20

The Time for Thinkers Book Club is open to all faiths and to those searching for faith in God.  We strive to be ecumenical in our discussions, and we always include some Bible study as our spiritual foundation.


We usually meet on Wednesdays downstairs at 4th Church of Christ, Scientist, New Orleans at 11 am.  Contact for the date and time of our next meeting, for the current reading assignment, or to be added to our email list for short summaries of our discussions. 

We keep a record of the books and topics we’ve discussed; some of these discussions are available as audio recordings.

We search the scriptures and use a wide range of Bible resources. In addition, there are many independent websites supportive of Christian Science but not affiliated with The Mother Church or its Publishing Society. Many Christian Science Practitioners and Reading Rooms now have their own blogs for sharing their knowledge of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy and her writings. All of these online resources are part of an ever expanding list in our global community of thinkers!

Reading Science and Health has been an ongoing project for us. We’ve been looking for themes in the chapters, researching references about the Bible and non-Biblical figures, and finding articles in the Christian Science Journal and Sentinel which expound on topics in the textbook. The research notes from our meetings might evolve into a workbook one day, but for now, you can use them to accompany your personal study. If you wish to add some inspiration, send an email to

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