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Trial in Christian Science Practice

Using a poster helps students visualize the court case in Science and Health, pages 430:13-442:15. The furniture in this mock courtroom should be pasted on the poster before class, and the teacher can prepare small cards for the plaintiff and defendant, their attorneys, witnesses, judges, and juries. Put the poster in the middle of the classroom table, and have the students place the cards in the appropriate court location when those characters appear during the trial. The students can see the false witnesses and biased jury (Hypnotism, Envy, Greed, etc) in the Court of Error versus the Supreme Court of Spirit. The goal of this activity is to show how important it is to stay in the right court! Remember that we live and walk and practice in the Court of Spirit!

The Christian Science Quarterly My Bible Lesson published this description about the court case which you can print from here. 

- For the older classes - 


"Christian Science never healed a patient without proving with mathematical certainty that error, when found out, is two-thirds destroyed, and the remaining third kills itself." (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 210:4–7)


How does the trial illustrate this principle from Miscellaneous Writings?

How many witnesses were called by the prosecution? Answer: Health-laws, coated tongue, sallow skin, nerve, mortality, and death = six


How many of the prosecution’s witnesses are named and refuted in the argument by the Christian Science defense attorney? Answer: Health-laws, nerve, furred tongue (or coated tongue), death = four (or two-thirds destroyed)

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