We love the hymns and beautiful organ music of our worship services. If our soloist and organist are away, then we use recorded music. We are listing some of our musical sources, which you may also enjoy anytime on your own personal computers and mobile devices:

Josh Henn Josh Henn is a classically trained tenor specializing in opera, Broadway, and crossover music. He is freely sharing some of his Sunday solos recorded in a St. Louis area Christian Science Church. He also solos at The Mother Church in Boston.


Heavenly Hymns - These selections are sung by a variety of

soloists, featuring inspired performances of hymns from both the 1932 and the 2017 Christian Science Hymnals

Hymnstream - Most of the hymns on this site come from the Christian Science Hymnal, a sourcebook for spiritual healing that has inspired people worldwide for generations.


Mother Church Christian Science Youth - The first songs and videos are for children, then scroll down for young adult selections which include the backstory behind the song.


Mother Church Music for branch church services - Music from the Christian Science Hymnal is played through once, then each verse is played so that these recordings may be used during an online church service. Some solos and organ music are also included. 

Watchfire Music is a source of inspirational CDs, sheet music, and musician blogs by artists such as Alex Cook and Julia Wade. The free recordings on this site feature different artists whose music is linked to the thumbnail photos on the homepage. This music changes weekly, and you may also find some selections posted at the bottom of the homepage under “Recent Posts.”