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Christian Science practitioners are church members who have dedicated themselves to the full time practice of prayer-based healing. Anyone may call upon them for help.


Christian Science teachers are also practitioners who teach a two-week-class in healing.

Christian Science nurses help individuals who need skillful physical assistance, while relying on Christian Science treatment for healing.

A Christian Science Military Chaplain is a commissioned military officer, serving as a Protestant Chaplain in the United States Armed Forces. Many branch churches have non-military chaplain programs in local institutions (prisons, hospitals, etc). This is called prison and  institutional work. Click here for a video from Southern California describing their work in prisons, jails, mental hospitals, and VA hospitals, or visit their website, Light in Prison.

The mission of the Committee on Publication is to engage with members of the media, lawmakers, and the public to provide an accurate understanding of Christian Science. The press room answers your questions, including "A Christian Science perspective on vaccination and public health."


For local inquiries, contact:

Colleen C. Moore

Christian Science Committee on Publication

for Louisiana

6501 General Diaz Street

New Orleans, LA 70124


Phone: 504-450-5789

For webmaster inquiries:

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