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Books and Presentations

These are many of the books we’ve read and other presentations. The approximate dates for the book club discussions are given in parentheses.


If there is an asterisk (*), the discussions were audio recorded. Only a few of the replays are currently available as this has been an ongoing project. If you are interested in an audio link of a book discussion for your personal use, send an email to:


If the book was published by The Christian Science Publishing Society, it is identified with a CSPS. These books may be obtained from the Reading Room.


Sometimes the discussions were led by out-of-town speakers with special knowledge about the topics or the books we were reading. The list indicates whether these individuals led the discussion via audio or video conferencing.

Job and his Daughters from William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job (PD)

Isaiah by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel ceiling (PD)

Listening to recordings is convenient, but it's also great to join us for our lively presentations!


Genesis - presenter Amber Ellwood (January - February 2013) * Replays


"The Epistles of John: Letters to a Christian Community in Crisis"  - presenter and workbook author Dr. Susan Humble via video SKYPE (September 2017)


Job - presenter Colleen Moore (May-October 2015) *

John - presenter Amber Ellwood (Summer 2013) *


John - A Divine Round Trip: The Literary and Christological Function of the Descent/Ascent Leitmotif in the Gospel of John - presenter and author Dr. Susan Humble via video SKYPE (September 2016)


Isaiah - presenter Colleen Moore (May - September 2014) *


Matthew - presenter Amber Ellwood (October - Spring 2014) *


Proverbs - presenter Deanna Mummert via audio SKYPE


Revelation using “The Apocalypse” chapter in Science and Health and Studies in the Apocalypse of John of Patmos by Edyth Armstrong Hoyt - presenter Valerie Thibaut (March - April 2013) *



Chapter 1 “Prayer” - presenter Amber Ellwood  (August - September 2014) * Replays


Chapter 2 “Atonement and Eucharist” - presenter Amber Ellwood (January 2015 - January 2016) *


Chapter 10 ”Science of Being” - presenter Amber Ellwood (June 2016 - June 2017) *


Chapter 10 “Creation” - presenter Amber Ellwood (April - June 2016) *


Chapters 1 - 9 and "Recapitulation" - presenter Colleen Moore (February 2018 - December 2019)

Christine Driessen

Deanna Mummert 

U. S. Army Chaplain Lauren Stillman Nofsinger 



Christ and Christmas (CSPS) - presenter Colleen Moore (December 2017)


*”Cosmos for Christian Scientists” - presenter Colleen Moore and the Glaser Technology Team (May - June 2014) 


Crossing Swords: Mary Baker Eddy vs Victoria Claflin Woodhull and the Battle for the Soul of Marriage - presenter and author Cindy Peyser Safronoff via video SKYPE (February 2016)

Follow and Rejoice: Mary Baker Eddy: The Chestnut Hill Years - video SKYPE with the Executive Director of Longyear Museum and documentary (January 2016) 


Life at 400 Beacon Street: Working In Mary Baker Eddy's Household - video chat with the author Heather Vogel Frederick. Jared Eggers was present in-person representing Longyear Museum. (November 2019)


Longyear Summer Film Festival - series of documentaries about Mary Baker Eddy, her household, and early pioneers in Christian Science (Sunday evenings in July 2013)


Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer, Amplified (CSPS) - Don Feldheim narrated the audio version. He led our book club discussion via audio SKYPE from Massachusetts. (July 2012)


Military Chaplains - U.S. Army Chaplain Lauren Stillman Nofsinger described the role of military chaplains and how we can prayerfully support our servicemen and women in this pre-Veterans Day event.  Some helpful study references were from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, pages 235:28 and 340:23.  We were also encouraged to read Kim Schuette's book, Christian Science Military Ministry 1917-2004.  Fourth Church used video SKYPE to connect with Chaplain Nofsinger from her post in Ft. Bragg, NC. (November 2013)


“Refreshing How the Bible Speaks to YOU" was the topic of a Bible and Spiritual Life Community workshop presented by Richard Davenport and Helen Mathis in Houston, TX.  This workshop was Ustreamed to New Orleans, so that we could participate from afar with this new technology! (November 2014)

*Principles of Expressive Reading for Christian Science Services: Reading aloud to set free God's word - This video seminar was presented at 4th Church by Don Feldheim from Marshfield, MA. Don discussed deepening students' scholarly understanding of God's word and elevating this scholarly understanding to a more spiritual dimension of heart-felt understanding, thus empowering Readers to deliver a genuinely expressive, heart-felt reading - free from inhibitions. (March - April 2014)

To obtain a copy of Don's book or a CD of his New Orleans talk, contact Don at


Shalom and Eirene (Peace) - presenter Deanna Mummert via video SKYPE (January 2015)


The Soul of Medicine: Spiritual Perspectives and Clinical Practice - Christian Science Lecturer Christine Driessen discussed the chapter she wrote on “Christian Science.” (October 2012)


Technology Workshop - presenter Colleen Moore demonstrated the many online resources available about Christian Science and the Bible. (January 2017)


We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Expanded Edition volume I (CSPS) - presenter Judith Huenneke, Senior Research Archivist at the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, MA, via video SKYPE (September 2012)


*We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Expanded Edition volume II (CSPS) - presenter Patti Christopher (February 2014) 


What Christmas Means to Me and Other Christmas Messages by Mary Baker Eddy (CSPS) - This video SKYPE discussion also included historical background on Christmas traditions in New England in Mrs. Eddy's time. Presenter Judith Huenneke, Senior Research Archivist at the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, MA. (December ?)

A World More Bright, The Life of Mary Baker Eddy (CSPS) - presenter Colleen Moore (2017)

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