Independent Websites Supportive of Christian Science

The Albert Baker Fund provides educational funding for Christian Scientists, including a Career Alliance for Job Seekers. 


The Bookmark has a collection of early and contemporary works on Christian Science.


CedarS Camps "Metaphysical Resources" include practitioner audio talks during the summer and a year-round weekly email newsletter with application ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson.

Christian Science in Connecticut posts audio recordings of historical Christian Science lectures. Many of these lectures are from broadcasts in the New York City area from the 1960s. There are also some talks and association addresses, and vintage lectures recorded using another speaker or a computer-generated voice. Popular lecturers on this website include Myrtle Smith, Paul Stark Steely, Martha Wilcox, Bicknell Young, and many others.

Christian Science Lectures is a website with historical lectures appearing in daily newspapers, including The Christian Science Monitor. These lectures have been transcribed from these print sources. Lecturers include John W. Doorly, John Randall Dunn, Edward Kimball, Sue Harper Mims, James Spencer, Ralph Wagers, and many others.

Daystar Foundation & Library, located in Oklahoma City, OK, preserves a range of historical items related to Christian Science and the Bible. It includes a blog and a church edifice gallery.


Light in Prison has videos and blogs on how Christian Science chaplains are bringing transformation and healing to inmates throughout California.

Longyear Museum is an independent historical museum dedicated to advancing the understanding of the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer, Founder, and Leader of Christian Science.  The Museum website has scholarly articles about the early days of Christian Science, including books and videos about Eddy’s life and many of the other church pioneers.


Mulberry Press has eBooks, audio downloads, CDs, and written publications by Christian Science authors, such as John Hargreaves and Doris Dufour Henty. 


Peace Haven Inspirational Study Programs include a weekly Bible study which you may access remotely and recorded inspirational articles and talks.


Prayer that Heals is the general website for the Christian Science Churches of Southern California. It includes a telephone number if you want to listen to the Bible Lesson online, and it also posts recordings of Christian Science lectures. is the new face of  Its mission is to provide a complete listing of people, organizations, and ideas in the worldwide Christian Science community.


The Principle Foundation promotes inspired benevolence in accordance with the teachings of Christian Science.